Healthier choices

We all need to watch what we eat, so to help you make the right choices Towngate Fisheries now offer a range of healthier and lighter options.

Lighter options menu

1. Lite Bite (499 calories) £3.35
  Mini-fish (haddock) and small chips  
2. Lite Bite with Peas (571 calories) £3.85
  Mini-fish (haddock), small chips and peas  
3. Lite Bite with Beans (632 calories) £4.05
  Mini-fish (haddock), small chips and Heinz Baked Beans  
4. Lighter Meal (634 calories) £4.90
  Standard fish (haddock) and small chips  
5. Lighter Meal with Peas (729 calories) £5.40
  Standard fish (haddock), small chips and peas  
6. Lighter Meal with Beans (781 calories) £5.60
  Standard fish (haddock), small chips and Heinz Baked Beans  

All the meals in our Lighter Options Menu have been nutritionally tested and contain the calorie values stated and as little as 7.4 grams of fat per 100 grams for the Lite Bite with Peas. Visit our nutrition page for full details.

More healthy options

As a great alternative to our traditional battered fish, we also offer poached fish. Without any batter it is ideal for anyone with a wheat allergy. It is the same price as our fried battered haddock and is prepared to order in just a few minutes.

Teacakes are available in brown (wholemeal) as well as the usual white. We can also supply them ‘dry’ without butter on request.

In addition to mushy peas we also sell Heinz Baked Beans. Did you know that baked beans count towards one of your five a day? They’re a great source of fibre too!

We’ve also added fresh apple juice to our great range of drinks. Apple juice cartons can also be included in our Kid’s box meal (adding an additional 88 calories).

Fish is good for you!

The government recommends we eat at least two portions of seafood a week. Seafood is a ‘health-food’ in more ways than one; first and foremost, it's jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help to keep our bodies in shape. Seafood is well-known as an excellent source of Omega-3, a very important fatty acid that our bodies can't produce on their own.

For more information about the health benefits visit the Seafish website. You can also download a Seafish information booklet (PDF).

LoSalt – a great alternative

We now offer LoSalt. It’s a great alternative to normal salt, with all the flavour, but with 66% less sodium. A high salt diet is one of the leading contributors to high blood pressure, strokes and coronary heart disease. It is the sodium content in salt which is the key contributor to these conditions.

Why not give it a try next time you visit?

Find out more about LoSalt.

Mark Drummond frying fish

Towngate Fisheries shop interior

Our Lighter Meal (standard fish, small chips) contains just 634 calories and 34.3 grams of fat

Our standard Fish and Chips contain 62 fewer calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac with large Fries