Our menu

Standard Fish (Haddock) & Chips (794 calories) £5.20
Standard Fish (Haddock) (336 calories) £3.50
Standard Fish (Haddock) Poached, no batter £3.50
Special (Large Haddock) (726 calories) £5.00
Wholetail Breaded Scampi (368 calories) £3.95
Chips (458 calories) £1.70
Fishcake (319 calories) £1.70
Scollop: battered potato slice (281 calories) 55p
Jumbo Sausage, plain (284 calories) £1.70
Jumbo Sausage, battered (501 calories) £1.70
Spam Fritter (488 calories) £1.70
8 Chicken Nuggets (288 calories**) £2.50
20 Chicken Nuggets (720 calories**) £4.25
Chip Butty (712 calories) £2.20
Fish Butty (590 calories) £4.00
Fishcake Butty (573 calories) £2.20
Tea Cake (White or Brown)* (both 254 calories) 50p
Small Mushy Peas (95 calories) 70p
Large Mushy Peas (166 calories) 95p
Small Curry Sauce (53 calories) 70p
Large Curry Sauce (93 calories) 95p
Small Gravy (34 calories) 70p
Large Gravy (59 calories) 95p
Large Heinz Baked Beans (147 calories**) 95p

*Available without butter on request
**Nutritional data supplied by the manufacturer


Tea or Coffee £1.10
Cup Drinks 30p
Mini-Pop 50p
Cans, Ribena Cartons, Bottled Water 80p
Fresh Apple Juice Carton 80p
Lucozade £1.00
Large Bottles of Pop £1.60

Lighter options menu

1. Lite Bite (499 calories) £3.10
  Mini-fish (haddock) and small chips  
2. Lite Bite with Peas (571 calories) £3.50
  Mini-fish (haddock), small chips and peas  
3. Lite Bite with Beans (632 calories) £3.75
  Mini-fish (haddock), small chips and Heinz Baked Beans  
4. Lighter Meal (634 calories) £4.60
  Standard fish (haddock) and small chips  
5. Lighter Meal with Peas (729 calories) £5.00
  Standard fish (haddock), small chips and peas  
6. Lighter Meal with Beans (781 calories) £5.25
  Standard fish (haddock), small chips and Heinz Baked Beans  

All the meals in our Lighter Options Menu have been nutritionally tested and contain the calorie values stated and as little as 7.4 grams of fat per 100 grams for the Lite Bite with Peas. Visit our nutrition page for full details.

Special offers

Family feast

Four portions of fish and chips
Two large peas, curry or gravy
A large bottle of pop
Only £21.95 – great value for a family of four!

Scollop Special

Scollop butty with a few chips and a splash of peas or curry (686 calories with curry)
Only £1.95 – a tasty treat at a great price!

Children’s meal

Mini-Fish and Chips Meal (499 calories) £3.50
Plain Sausage and Chips Meal (513 calories) £3.20
Battered Sausage and Chips Meal (730 calories) £3.20
Four Chicken Nuggets and Chips Meal (473 calories**) £3.20

All served with fresh apple juice (+88 calories), bottle of water, a cup drink or mini-pop in a special box with a free toy.

Party orders

Let us cater for your function or party!
A 10% discount is available on all orders over £60 alternatively we may be able to arrange free delivery (if ordered 72 hours in advance). Contact us for further details.


Food allergies and intolerances

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please download our information sheet to see a list of our dishes which contain possible allergens or speak to a member of staff about the ingredients in your meal when placing your order.

We try to ensure that this information is accurate and up to date. However, if the prices displayed in the shop are different to those shown on the website please be advised that the shop prices are correct.

All prices include VAT at the appropriate rate.

Fish may contain bones.

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