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The BEST fish and chips in the world. Quality is religiously adhered to, value is maintained and healthy options are rife!

Matt Zina, Idle
25 April 2016

I was just passing through and noticed how clean your fish shop looked and thought well that’s a good sign,so I decided to try your fish and chips WOW! The best fish and chips I've ever had I will definitely be calling again. Absolutely Yummy.

Jamie, Gomersal
6 February 2016

I really wish you were in Lincoln, I could really do with some great fish and chips right now!

Hannah, Lincoln
3 February 2016

For a long time I've thought 'We don't have proper fish & chip shops anymore beyond those that sell soggy chips and mushy battered water fish that looks like it has dragged itself out of a polluted sea. Then by chance we passed Towngate Fisheries (I still prefer Chippy), and were drawn in by the almost long forgotten aromas of proper fish & chips. Top notch establishment with fish that can be traced all the way back to the trawler that netted them. Well my wife and I had our fish & chips and… I very rarely do this with any establishment – I phoned up to let you know just how much we had enjoyed every morsel. Spot on. :)

Mike De Greasley, Eccleshill
24 August 2015

Best fish and chips I have tasted in years and your batter is gorgeous. You’re not the nearest to me but you are worth travelling for and I have some friends who live a short drive away so we will be sharing more of your delicious food. I can't wait! Good luck with your business you deserve it

Norma Addison, Wilsden
23 August 2015

Totally superb quality that caters for many with food or diet issues. This fish shop goes so much further to serve the best quality and tastes. They deserve every award they have received and is a must.
Thank you.

Roy Slater, Idle
22 May 2015

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