Exclusive Tuesday Offers for ‘Click & Collect’ online ordering

1 September 2020

Every Tuesday until the end of 2020, we'll have a special offer available exclusively on our ‘Click & Collect’ online ordering system. The offer will change each week and will only be available for orders placed for a Tuesday. The offer will be available to preorder up to 4 days ahead.

This offer will not be available to order in person in the shop so if all online ordering slots are already taken you will not be able to get this offer, so we suggest you place your order early to be sure of getting the offer.

If you have a loyalty card you can still get an extra 10% off these offers (normal loyalty card terms apply including £8 minimum spend to get the discount). If you do not have the code needed to use your loyalty card online, please email us at info@towngatefisheries.co.uk with a photo of your loyalty card and we will send you the code.

Exclusive Tuesday Offers at Towngate Fisheries