Introducing Towngate Fisheries’ new Lighter Options Menu

7 October 2013

Towngate Fisheries, Idle are pleased to announce the launch of our new Lighter Options Menu to complement our standard menu. Whether you’re counting your calories or sometimes just fancy a smaller meal then the Lighter Options Menu is for you. There are four alternatives to choose from:

  • Lite Bite (499 calories) £2.80
    Mini-fish (haddock) and small chips
  • Lite Bite with Peas (571 calories) £3.20
    Mini-fish (haddock), small chips and peas
  • Lighter Meal (634 calories) £4.20
    Standard fish (haddock) and small chips
  • Lighter Meal with Peas (729 calories) £4.60
    Standard fish (haddock), small chips and peas

All the meals in our Lighter Options Menu have been nutritionally tested and contain the calorie values stated and as little as 7.4
grams of fat per 100 grams for the Lite Bite with Peas – so now you can eat them with a clear conscience! Visit our nutrition page to download the analysis certificate and read full nutritional details. You can also see how our meals compare to other popular takeaway meals.

And as always our fish and chips are 100% natural with no artificial colouring and no preservatives added. Sow what are you waiting for?

Towngate Fisheries’ Lighter Options Menu