We’ve a great range
of healthier options!

27 August 2014

We all want to make the right choices when it comes to healthier eating. Towngate Fisheries is here to help!

Take a look at our Lighter Options Menu. It offers a great range of healthier/lighter meals and all have been nutritionally tested, containing the calorie values stated with as little as 7.4 grams of fat per 100 grams for the Lite Bite with Peas. Visit our nutrition page for full details.

1. Lite Bite (499 calories) £2.90
Mini-fish (haddock) and small chips  
2. Lite Bite with Peas (571 calories) £3.30
Mini-fish (haddock), small chips and peas  
3. Lighter Meal (634 calories) £4.35
Standard fish (haddock) and small chips  
4. Lighter Meal with Peas (729 calories) £4.75

Standard fish (haddock), small chips and peas

Our poached fish is also a great alternative to the traditional battered fish. Without any batter it’s ideal for anyone with a wheat allergy too. A poached fish is the same price as our battered fried fish and is prepared to order in just a few minutes.

To make your meal complete we offer variety of healthier accompaniments including Heinz baked beans (one of your five-a-day and a great source of fibre), brown teacakes (with or without butter) and fresh apple juice. Find out more by visiting our Healthier Choices page.

And did you know that Towngate Fisheries has been awarded a Good Food Award recognising its efforts to offer healthier menu choices to its customers? Find out more on our Awards page.

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