Towngate Fisheries boosts fundraising for local reading project

Towngate Fisheries has given a major boost to the fundraising efforts of a group of young people enabling them to create a Story Room in the Springfield Youth and Community Centre, Thorpe Edge, Idle.

Springfield Youth and Community Centre Story RoomThe young people had just eight days to go to raise £1500.00 to buy books to put into their Story Room. Towngate Fisheries’ donation means the group have reached half their target, resulting in match funding, so the project will go ahead. Any extra funds they raise will mean they can do more to help the local community.

Towngate Fisheries owner, Mark Drummond said, "This is a great local project which I am happy to support. These young people are working hard to help other children learn to read and enjoy books. I'm delighted to help and hope that other people and local businesses join in by donating online at”

Helena Rhodes, Springfield Young Children and Young Peoples' Development Worker said. "Our young people don't generally use the public libraries because their parents fear the books will be lost and they will be fined. We run libraries in three youth centres and reward children with stickers for both reading and returning books. When they have collected a number of reward stickers they get a small prize and we've not lost a book yet! This idea for a separate story room means that we can have story time running alongside our normal Junior Youth Club.”

Local Councillor Jeanette Sunderland who is Trustee at the Springfield Centre said, "It's great to see a local business supporting young people and their learning. All my thanks go to Mark for backing this project, not only are his fish and chips award-winning, by supporting these young people he is helping to make his local community a success.”

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