Our Menu

Standard Fish and Chips   £7.90
Standard Fish  £5.60
Special (large fish)  £8.10
Wholetail Breaded Scampi  £5.50
Chips  £2.30
Fishcake  £2.30
Scollop (battered potato slice)  75p
Jumbo Sausage, plain  £1.90
Jumbo Sausage, battered  £1.90
Spam Fritter  £2.30
8 Chicken Nuggets   £3.30
20 Chicken Nuggets  £5.75
Fish Butty  £6.30
Chip Butty  £3.00
Fishcake Butty  £3.00
Tea Cake  70p
Mushy Peas, optional mint sauce  £1.30
Curry Sauce  £1.30
Gravy  £1.30

Haddock can be poached instead of fried in batter on request. It is the same price as our fried battered haddock and is prepared to order in just a few minutes.

Lighter Options

Lite Bite: Mini-fish and small chips  £4.70
Lite Bite with peas, curry or gravy  £5.35
Lighter Meal: Standard fish and small chips  £7.15
Lighter Meal with peas, curry or gravy  £7.80

Southern Fried Chicken Mini-Fillets

SFC Mini-Fillet Meal: 3 Southern Fried Chicken mini-fillets with chips and a free dip – BBQ, ketchup or mayonnaise  £5.95
SFC Mini-Fillet Lite Bite: 2 Southern Fried Chicken mini-fillets with small chips  £3.95
SFC Mini-Fillet Butty: 2 Southern Fried Chicken mini-fillets in a teacake  £3.50
Individual SFC Mini-Fillet

Children’s Meals

All served with Simply Fruit bottle or bottle of water and a lollipop

Mini-fish and Chips
Sausage and Chips (plain or battered sausage)
Fishcake and Chips
Chicken Nuggets (5) and Chips

Special Offers

Meal for Two: Two portions of fish and chips with two pots of peas, curry or gravy  £17.50
Scollop Special: Scollop butty with a few chips and a splash of peas, curry or gravy  £2.70

Lunchtime Offers

Available every lunchtime (Friday and Saturday until 4pm)

Lighter Meal: Standard fish and small chips
Fish Butty
Sausage Meal: Jumbo sausage and chips with peas, curry or gravy


Tea or Coffee  £1.20
Can of Coke  £1.20
Other Cans of Pop  £1.10
Bottled Water  80p
Simply Fruit Bottles  80p
500ml Bottles of Coke  £1.70
Other 500ml Bottles of Pop  £1.60


Portion of Ketchup or Tartar Sauce  30p
BBQ Sauce, Mayonnaise and HP (Brown) Sauce Dips Pots (each)  30p
Bottle of Heinz Ketchup  £1.90
Bottle of Non-brewed Condiment (Chip Shop ‘Vinegar’)  £1.60
Salt Tub  £1.60


Food allergies and intolerances

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please download our information sheet to see a list of our dishes which contain possible allergens or speak to a member of staff about the ingredients in your meal when placing your order.

We try to ensure that this information is accurate and up to date. However, if the prices displayed in the shop are different to those shown on the website please be advised that the shop prices are correct.

All prices include VAT at the appropriate rate.

Fish may contain bones.

Standard Fish & Chips

Lighter Meal: Standard Fish & Small Chips

Lite Bite: Mini-fish & Small Chips

Fishcake & Chips

Battered Sausage & Chips

Plain Sausage & Chips

8 Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Wholetail Breaded Scampi