At Towngate Fisheries we do everything we can to minimize our impact on the environment.

We only sell MSC certified sustainable fish. You can read more about this on our sustainability page.

Our chips are produced offsite by PG Chips. This reduces the amount of water needed to prepare the chips, as they can recycle their waste water and extract the starch from it, and the peelings are used for fertiliser rather than going down the drain.

We use local products where possible: we only use British potatoes, usually from Lincolnshire or Cambridgeshire, our Mushy peas are made from British grown marrowfat peas and our batter is usually made with UK grown flour.

We serve our fish and chips in Bio Boxes, made from Bagasse, a byproduct of sugar cane. They are compostable, as are our coffee cups and our forks. We use paper carrier bags rather than plastic bags and paper bags for our teacakes. We provide paper straws not plastic ones. Our cartons for peas and curry sauce are paper. These currently have (recyclable) plastic lids, but we are actively pressing our suppliers for a non-plastic alternative.

All our food waste is recycled, as is our cardboard and any waste oil we have to dispose of.

Our frying range uses the latest high efficiency technology to minimize gas usage and is up to 94% efficient (compared to an old frying rage that is only 50% efficient in terms of gas consumption).  We have fitted low energy LED lighting to reduce our energy consumption.

Frying chips at Towngate Fisheries

Frying MSC certified haddock at Towngate Fisheries