Towngate Fisheries has become the first fish and chip shop in Bradford to be Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, showing our commitment to sustainable fishing practices. By displaying the MSC ecolabel along with our certification number we are showing our support for the health and ecology of the world’s oceans through sustainable fishing, minimising environmental impacts, demonstrating effective management and crucially, the traceability of all the fish we serve from fishing net to your plate.

All our MSC certified haddock is sourced from a few select Icelandic Freezer Trawlers which also subscribe to the Icelandic Responsible Fisheries program. We display in the shop every day the name of the trawler that caught that day's haddock and the area of the ocean in which it was caught.

By choosing Towngate Fisheries you are assured of delicious, top quality haddock, whilst supporting sustainable fishing practices, ensuring that fish and chips can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Towngate Fisheries is MSC Certified